Paskaita “Flow dynamics” by David Katoshevski



Mass conservation-continue:

3-D flow  and velocity components .

Derivation of the differential mass conservation equation – the continuity equation

Analyzing the equation by special cases.


Momentum equations:

The Newtonian Fluid

Solution of the N-S Equations

Derivation of the Navier – Stokes Equations for constant density and viscosity

The N-S equations-  and solutions for:

A flow between two plates, one moving

A flow in a rotating cylinder with a fixed inner cylinder

David Katoshevski is a professor at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.  He graduated from the Technion (Israel Inst of Technology) with degrees in Aerospace Engineering (BSc/MSc) and Applied Math (PhD).  He dealt with mathematical modelling of two phase flows. He had two post-doc periods, one in Aachen, Germany (1995-1996) and the second one at Caltech, USA (1996-1998) in the field of Environmental Engineering.  In 1998 he joined the newly established Environmental Engineering Unit at BGU.  Later on he was involved in the establishment of the academic program for the Israeli Air Force Pilots Course.

In the recent years he has served as the head of the unit for management and safety engineering. He deals with fluid dynamics, medical-related flows, air pollution, spray combustion and dynamics of particles in the micron and nano scale. His recent studies deal with an idea how to reduce the risk associated with smoke particles emitted from vehicles and other sources.  More recently he is involved also in water treatment. Since December of 2012 he has served as the Chairman of the Israeli Association for Combustion Research.

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